DB 40 TL

AQUCAR™ SUMP BUDDY™ DB 40 TL Water Treatment Microbiocide

Treat small- and medium-sized cooling systems with minimal service time and equipment.


AQUCAR SUMP BUDDY DB 40 TL Water Treatment Microbiocide consists of tablets of solid DBNPA specially-formulated with time-release agents.  Once submerged, SUMP BUDDY tablets slowly and consistently release their DBNPA content over approximately three weeks, providing reliable microbial control over that period.

SUMP BUDDY tablets are a good microbial control solution in situations where controlled release of biocide is needed without pumps, electricity, feeders, or equipment of any kind.  SUMP BUDDY tablets use a combination of two controlled release mechanisms to ensure controlled release: dissolution kinetics and physical erosion.  Other DBNPA tablets rely solely on one release mechanism, which can result in faster (or slower)-than-desired release profiles in many common conditions.

How does SUMP BUDDY work?

SUMP BUDDY tablets are formulated for a highly-controlled release of active DBNPA. DBNPA itself is only slightly soluble in water, so the dissolution kinetics give a somewhat slow release of active ingredient. SUMP BUDDY adds a second technology to ensure controlled (versus just slow) release. When placed in water, an inert, food-grade additive swells and forms a protective gel around the tablet. This gel limits the exposure of the core of the tablet to water so that only the DBNPA in the outermost layer dissolves. As the outermost gel/DBNPA layer erodes away, a new layer of gel and DBNPA is exposed. This dual-control mechanism makes SUMP BUDDY highly reliable for baseline microbial control in small and medium-sized systems.

Where can I use SUMP BUDDY tablets?

SUMP BUDDY tablets have approvals for use in cooling water and air washer systems. They can be used in any system with a basin or other open water with a depth of 4 inches or more. Consult the product label for more details.

How do I use SUMP BUDDY tablets?

Refer to the product label and technical data sheet for use instructions.

Who should use SUMP BUDDY tablets?

SUMP BUDDY tablets are specially designed for small and medium-sized cooling systems, including situations where dosing equipment is either not desired or not possible. If you have a cooling or air washing system that would benefit from easy-to-use and reliable microbial control without dosing equipment, you should consider using SUMP BUDDY tablets.

Additionally, SUMP BUDDY tablets can be used to "beef up" your microbial control program during high-stress periods. Adding SUMP BUDDY tablets in conjunction with your normal treatment regime can give great results with little effort.

Do SUMP BUDDY tablets work effectively?

The efficacy of slow-release DBNPA was tested over the course of two summers in a variety of cooling systems in Dow's Midland, Michigan, operations. Microbial control similar to traditional oxidizer treatment was maintained with DBNPA as the only biocide.

Bacteria Testing for Cooling Towers


The chart shows dip slide results for bacteria testing for a cooling tower in Dow’s Michigan Operations. The towers were controlled using sodium hypochlorite as the maintenance biocide prior to the beginning of the trial. When the trial began (after the red line), the sodium hypochlorite dosing ceased and was replaced with SUMP BUDDY PRO. The microbial population was kept under control using SUMP BUDDY PRO.

Are SUMP BUDDY tablets sustainable?

SUMP BUDDY tablets incorporate DBNPA as the antimicrobial active. DBNPA is one of the most sustainable biocides available on the market because of its high antimicrobial activity and fast breakdown. The inert ingredients are used in food and pharmaceutical applications.

SUMP BUDDY tablets also minimize the risk of chemical exposure for field personnel. SUMP BUDDY tablets are wrapped in water-soluble film, and they are applied without direct contact with the antimicrobial.

How are SUMP BUDDY tablets packaged?

AQUCAR SUMP BUDDY DB 40 TL Water Treatment Microbiocide is offered in a 3.5 gal pail with 11 lbs. of product (~25 tablets). Tablets are individually-wrapped in a water-soluble package.